Nothing short of a great experience!

"Many of my clients use Justin and Pine Financial and so do I. It's been nothing short of a great experience every time! Justin really understands this business and is always looking to help his clients. The great part is, not only is Justin a lender, but he's an investor too - so he knows what really matters to you. If you need funding for a rehab project, or are going to rehab to rent, call Justin first!"

Kevin Ortner

Justin Cooper has a wealth of content knowledge for any real estate investor looking to improve their skill set. He has helped me with strategies for marketing, flipping, building contact lists, buyers lists, hard money, letter campaigns, and working with realtors and wholesalers to find deals (just to name a few). Justin has an infectious enthusiasm that will get anyone excited for real estate investing. Great mentor, amazing person!

An A+ experience

Working with Sean and Pine Financial has been great on every level. From the ease of getting qualified, to the help with all questions we've had along the way, it has always been an A+ experience. Sean has displayed exemplary communication with us, always getting right back to us when needed and staying true to his word. We've thoroughly enjoyed every experience with Pine and would recommend them to anyone from the seasoned investor to the first timer.

J. Carlson

A Win-Win-Win Situation For All

For my 3 years as a real estate investor, some of my best experiences have been in working with Pine Financial.

I believe Pine Financial wants their clients to succeed and the systems they have in place, ie: appraisals, credit checks, experience check, SOW’s, help to ensure that the deal they’re loaning on will be successful, providing a win-win-win situation for all. They aren’t in it for their own financial gain alone – if they don’t see it working for you, they’ll tell you. Whether on the funding or borrowing side, I believe one can feel confident working with Pine. Kevin & his staff/partners are down-to-earth professionals, efficient & thorough yet friendly & patient, and they do what they say they will.

Nan K.

Prompt And Professional

Always prompt and professional. Pine financial has a very responsive, professional team.

H. Gomez

Very Professional Business

I appreciate all your hard work on this deal. You run a very professional business, not always the case in this industry.

A. Clark

Valuable Workshop

Ryan and I found your workshop so valuable; and we were very impressed with the content and the format of the presentation. You and Kevin are very passionate people who are actually DOING what you are teaching, and that is what is most important to Ryan and I.


Motivational And Exiting Seminar

Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed attending your Real Estate Investor Seminar, we found it very informative, very motivational and exciting! As a matter of fact, we went out and tried it ourselves. We would highly recommend your seminar to anyone interested or curious about real estate investing. It’s great to attend a seminar such as yours taught by someone who has actually done it themselves, and someone who knows how it works first hand.

C. Shoemaker

Just Down Right Helpful

Travis was absolutely wonderful! He is really perfect for this business, because he is very personable, right on top of things, very knowledgeable and was just down right helpful (in every way) and a peach to work with!

M. Clark

Good Solid Investments

I have financed numerous investment properties through Pine Financial during the past year and have been very pleased with the business relationship. I have been presented with good solid investments and Kevin and staff have always been professional and easy to work with. Pine Financial has offered investments which represent a good compliment to my investment portfolio and I would recommend them.

L. Houkom

Passive Way To Make A Good Return

During 2008 & 2009, I was looking for an investment, for my company savings and my retirement account, which was more solid and could provide a more consistent return than the stock market. I also wanted a monthly cash flow from my company savings to boost earnings. After reviewing many investment opportunities, decided that finding an investment that was secured by real estate was a big plus, especially with a Loan-to-value of between 60% to 70% to make it safer. When I saw Kevin Amolsch’s presentation at the Jefferson County Association of Realtors, I was interested. I was still nervous, because funding private Deeds of Trust for rehab projects was new to me. After Kevin walked me through the process of evaluating the funding criteria for each Deed of Trust, I became very comfortable with how thorough the process was, and how every reasonable attempt was made to reduce risk and to safe guard my position. The devil is mostly in the details and Kevin Amolsch is always on top of it.

I had also looked into doing rehab myself, but the time commitment was considerable, so this is a great passive way for my company’s funds and my retirement account to participate in revitalizing housing stock and improving neighborhoods, while making a good return. After funding several Deeds of Trust with Kevin , I have recommended his company, Pine Financial, to several of my business partners, family, and friends alike for investing their money.

K. Hutchison
Software Engineer

Knocking It Out Of The Park

I really appreciate you guy’s stepping to the plate in the final hour and knocking it out of the park.

B. Gill

High Rate Of Return For One's Money

Kevin Amolsch and the Pine Financial Group provide an excellent way, in these strange economic times, to achieve a high rate of return for one’s money without unreasonable risk. Kevin makes investing easy for newbies like me by handling most of the administrative effort, and he’s always sensitive to my concerns. I highly recommend Pine Financial Group as an easy way to diversify one’s portfolio.

Marcia Martin

Ease of Getting Into The Private Lending Business

I’ve been doing business with Kevin and Pine Financial for 3 years. When I first met Kevin, I was seeking education about real estate investing and private money lending. I had taken time to take courses in real estate investing but wasn’t interested in working that hard again. I had retired.

So, I thought that private money lending would be a better fit for me. I could not find any suitable education about private money lending. I was referred to Kevin through several contacts made from the real estate groups that I was attending and he took the time and patience to educate me about private money lending. This education included the proper paperwork, inspections, due diligence, benefits, and risks. The Pine Financial team is also very responsive when I have questions, need more information or providing the necessary information in order to make a decision. If you are interested in private lending, whether you want to be active with your investments or if you want to be a passive investor, I recommend Kevin and Pine Financial for minimizing your risk, ease of getting into the private lending business and your education.

P. Shupe

An Investment That I Understand

I enjoy your monthly newsletters. Living in Gunnison, I have few opportunities to attend the monthly networking meetings. However, I do appreciate all the work you are doing, and thank you for providing a good return on investment for my hard-earned retirement funds. I feel good knowing this is an investment that I understand with a team that I trust.

S. Wyman

Very High Rates Of Return

I am a real estate broker for the last 26 years. I have recently become a hard money lender with Pine Financial Group. My rates of return have been very high. I have been extremely satisfied with Kevin’s professionalism and accuracy. I would whole heartily recommend them.

Jim Korpal

Many Profitable Deals

In 2007 I linked up with Kevin. It has been great working with him. He has been able to bring me many profitable deals. He always lets me know about a possible deal several weeks in advance and keeps me informed as we approach closing. My checks arrive every month and he keeps me informed with my loan through the process. I love how open he is to discussing the deals and I love the communication. I recommend Kevin and Pine financial Group to anyone interested in becoming a hard money lender.

Jon Holdman

The Best In The Business

I have done multiple deals through Kevin. He is the best in the business and really knows his stuff. I have been making a consistent return on my money and the payments always seem to come on time. I have never been able to make as much money as I have since I met Kevin. I tell all my friends and family to give him a try if they want to be successful with their investments. Thanks for everything Kevin!!

C. Erickson

Great At What They Do

Kevin is very sharp when it comes to real estate and loans. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Kevin and Pine Financial Group on multiple occasions. They are great at what they do and easy to work with.

N. Adams

Excellent Fit For Business Needs

Pine Financial Group is an excellent fit for my business needs. They understand our regional economy and my business> Pine provides personalized service, attention to detail and more importantly, no surprises at the closing table! I can have greater confidence in my business growth plans with Pine Financial part of my professional team. If you are looking for a long-term partner to take care of your lending needs, look no further.

Gen Ramsey
Aspire Properties, LLC

Honesty, Transparency, Creativity and Hustle

I recently closed a loan with Pine Financial Group. I was pleased in every way with how Kevin handled the deal. What I look for these days in a mortgage company is honesty, transparency, creativity and hustle. Kevin demonstrated all of these qualities as he worked hard to find me a loan. With lending guidelines constantly changing Kevin’s job is more difficult than ever. During the process one lender changed their criteria mid way though the process. Kevin contacted me the same day he was notified of this to let me know and also to inform me that he had already found an alternative solution and my file had been resubmitted. The very same day! In my business time is of the essence and most mortgage brokers I have worked with would have taken days, maybe weeks to finds a different solution. A short time later we were at a closing table allowing me to get one step closer to reaching my real estate goals.

Peter Musser

Highly Impressed With Entire Process

Kevin and his team have been exceptional in regard to my mortgage needs and in helping to educate me in the entire process. I have been highly impressed with Pine Financial in general and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rob Hale

A Straight Forward Program

These folks are the real deal and have a straight forward program. Used them on my last purchase, and will use them again.

Don Nelson
Keller Williams Realty

Personable With An Incredible Knack For Connecting People

Justin is not only familiar with real estate investing, but very personable with an incredible knack for connecting people. The Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor’s Happy Hour was fantastic! I’ve already recommended him to my colleagues, and am looking forward to future events.

Brad Woodward

An Excellent Source For Real Estate Investing

Kevin is an excellent source for all that is real estate investing. From private party lending and fix and flips to rentals and maximum cash flow, he knows this market. You will get much more than just a loan with Kevin at Pine Financial. You will get an education and an opportunity to surround yourself with the elite in this local industry. I would highly recommend Kevin and Pine Financial to seasoned investors as well as new comers looking for an honest, straight shooting source for real estate financing.

Fernon Meeks
Owner of Axis Title