45 Day Bridge Loans

Our 45 Day Bridge Loan is a great tool for any real estate wholesaler or real estate investor in Colorado or Minnesota. It is a cheaper alternative to hard money to bridge a gap to your end goal. Some reasons you might consider a 45 Day Bridge Loan include:

  • Flipping a property with a 30 day deed restriction (common when working with short sales)
  • Flipping a short sale in Colorado (Most short sale flips in CO require a 14 day title seasoning period according to the Colorado Foreclosure Protection Act)
  • Have other financing lined up but they cannot get you closed in time (you can use this loan to
    buy you the time you need)
  • If you need to make a quick repair to qualify for a permanent loan
  • Other wholesale transactions

The loan is structured similar to our 9 month Rehab Loan but costs much less. Here are the highlights:

  • 45 day term with the option to extend
  • 1.5 points in origination
  • We loan 70% of the after repaired value if we are going to escrow the repair funds (you may or may not use the repair money in escrow)
  • We loan 70% of current value if no repairs will be made
  • In-house underwriting and servicing so you get our personal touch and we can close your deal fast
  • Points and fees can be financed
  • Never make a payment

What if I need more than 45 days?

If you need more than 45 days there is a built in extension. The loan will convert to our standard 9 month term automatically. You will be assessed the 3.5% extension fee payable when the loan is paid in full.

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