Flash Cash Loans

100% Short Term Funding

Transactional Funding / Flash Cash


Do you ever need a Flash Cash loan to close on a house that you already have resold?  There are times when real estate investors need actually close on a house with cash to allow them to sell it to another investor for a quick profit.  We are happy to provide these flash cash loans nationwide.

This loan is simple:

  • 100% of purchase
  • No interest or hidden fees
  • We just need your contracts and entity documents (if closing in an entity)

This loan is for real estate investors that need funding for a day or just a couple of days.  It is typically used when a wholesaler needs to close on a purchase before they can flip or resale it to their buyer.  We will wire the cash into the title company so you can close with your seller.  You can than sell to your buyer the same day or a few days later.  We will provide you with 100% of the purchase and can close quickly.

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