Frequent Borrower Discount

Pine Financial Group offers its preferred clients a one of a kind program. We promote repeat business by offering a borrower discount program for clients that choose to build a relationship and do multiple deals together.  Here is how it works. After three deals funded we offer a .25% borrower discount from our original loan fees for every deal closed. This discount will continue for each loan closed until the borrower get to 2 points in origination fees.  Once the borrower gets to 2 points we do not offer additional discounts. (we need to eat too)  All that is needed to be included in the program is to close 3 deals.  Assuming you start at 4 points origination below is an example of how the frequent borrower discount program works.

  • Deal 1 – 4 Points
  • Deal 2 – 4 points
  • Deal 3 – 4 points
  • Deal 4 – 3.75 points
  • Deal 5 – 3.5 points
  • Deal 6 – 3.25 points
  • Deal 7 – 3 points
  • Deal 8 – 2.75 points
  • Deal 9 – 2.5 points
  • Deal 10 – 2.25 points
  • Deal 11 – 2 points
  • All other deals – 2 points

In some areas and some cases we will reduce the origination fee for the first loan completed.  This can vary depending on the area the project is located and the loan size. We also offer multiple loans to best fit your needs.  Please call our office for more information on loan pricing for your specific situation.