IRA Loans

Non Recourse IRA Loan

This loan is for your Self Directed IRA

The Non Recourse IRA Rehab Loan is for investors wishing to build wealth by investing in real estate through their IRA. By using a Non Recourse IRA loan you have the ability to leverage into one or more properties while using a tax shelter to avoid paying taxes on gains (please consult your tax adviser). This loan is a short term bridge loan typically used to buy and rehab properties inside your IRA.

This is a highly specialized loan. The Non Recourse IRA Loan is more of a commercial loan than a residential loan, meaning the property is considered more important than the borrower. Because this loan is specialized we encourage you to call with your questions or to get more information.

Loan Highlights

  • We will loan 90% of your purchase and 90% of your repairs
  • 9 month term
  • We escrow the repair money and can pay your contractor directly
  • Easy to qualify
  • We can close in as little as two weeks
  • No minimum loan amount

Requirements for the Non Recourse IRA Rehab Loan

  • 65% max LTV based on the after repaired value
  • Minimum IRA reserves required (15 percent of the loan amount)
  • Available in Colorado and Minnesota
  • No income or assets requirements but we do pull a personal credit report

Need a self directed IRA?

It is imperative that you have a self directed IRA (SDIRA) if you want to buy properties in your IRA. There are several companies that can do this for you. Simply Google self directed IRA and you will be overwhelmed with companies wanting to help. This is highly regulated by the government so you want to be careful who you choose to work with. We recommend the following company:

New Direction IRA

Pine Financial Group, Inc is not an investment adviser, and is not qualified to provide advice on IRA rules, regulations, or eligibility requirements. Please consult with your tax and investment advisers.